Nicole Richmond

Nicole Richmond

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In order to communicate effectively in an online environnment we as instructors need to be mindful of word choice, emotions, thoughts and concerns of the students. 

The role of technology play a huge role in online learning. Making sure students have everything they need to accomplish learning is another. 


"Students can not hide in the online classroom" is so true. Without their friends in a face to face class we as instuctors are able to see each students work, or lack off. 

Building strong working alliances and creating a positive campus climate will help in student retention.


Students need to be able to learn and apply the knowledge to have a meaningful learning experience. F2F this can be done with no problem, Online is where we need to have motivational content so all types of learners can be motivated to learn. I liked using a discussion board for help. The students can help each other in this. 

If we as instructors can align assignments to different learner personality traits then we can provide the students with different opportunities to complete the work given and develop self-confidenc.


The instructor needs to create a sense of community in F2F and online learning. This will help make students comfortable in sharing personal and professional experiences. 

Learning about the True personality traits can make the classroom or online learning environment flow. Each person will have a different true personality. Maybe groups could be put together of a blue, gold, green and oranet personality. 

Knowing and understanding the students personality differences can help with creating groups. I believe we as instructors shouLE use these and share results with the students. They may enjoy the resuits and learn from them. 


Students need to have the critical thinking skill in the real world. Using the techniques learned we as instructors can help build the critical thinking skill.


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