Chelsi Thurman

Chelsi Thurman

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I learned the importance of validating students emotions in emails. 


 I leanred that 47% of young professionals and students surveyed found the internet to be as important as basic human needs. 


I learned that the first online class was PLATO in 1960.


I learned that the three retention factors are, individual, external and institutional factors. 


Tips for promoting critical thinking are, ask students questions and ask them to justify their answer. 


I learned that rubrics can help alleviate assessment stress. 


I learned that online students need access to student programs outside the regular 9am-5pm hours. 


I learned that the key difference of collaborative learning and cooperative learning is that students are still individually graded in cooperative learning. 


I learned that Media Access Generator is a great software for closed captioning. 


I learned that WAVE is a free tool to check images and web pages, accessibility.


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