Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson

Location: anaheim

About me

Adjunct teacher at Fullerton College in the Digital Arts Dept. Teaching a variety of subjects each semester. Rotating within the two class limit of Digital Imaging (Photography basics and imaging editing), Motion Graphics and animation effects with After Effects, Video Editing with Premiere, 3D Texturing with Photoshop, Keyshot and Substance using Maya. The list keeps growing happily.

During the past 20 years I was a professional digital artist working in film and TV using software for a variety of VFX tasks. I had worked at many studios in LA, Washington and lastly in Canada.

I'm always learning and pass that on to the students. The skills and the pipeline. I still shoot a lot of photography. Film and digital. Most recently have added the drone (flying camera) to my tool set with hopes to get a license thru the FAA so I can shoot commercial.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell.





Communication and being human. To keep good direction in class yet to know everyone has their own situation.


Embrace tecnology. I like looking at student's work on their desktop as we do a classroom task online with the software tool we are learning.


Great session in breaking down the levels of online learning vs face to face


I learned the positive campus climate and a good strong supportive  faculty relationships helps toward better student retention.


Crtical thinking and group problem solving is a strong way of refining the student's skills with the new software tools they are learning in my class. Very rewarding for everyone.


Encouragement keep each student active has been very helpful in my classes. Students reviewing eachothers work is also very helpful in keeping the learning energy strong.


The classes I teach are visual working with software on the computer. The students are pretty much engaged. The complete a task after I demo it or make a tutorial. So many of the points in this particular lesson do not relate to my digital art courses.


I agree with Melaine. I like to keep the students active right after I discuss the topic and do a demo of a technique. Getting their chance to have hands on to work with the digital program is very helpful to their journey.


The details into what does and does not work in designing a course with students of disabilities attending was very helpful


I learned that where technology has gotten very sophisticated it has its flaws. Yet there is much to choose from and orgazize in a class to help the diabled. Great session of information.


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