Trinity Nguyen

Trinity Nguyen

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Technology tools are essential for distance learning. It provides many ways of teaching more productive and helps the teacher reach out to students with different levels. The teacher needed to select the right tool for the proper teaching and learning process.

Effect communication must be two way, I found the Zoom is the best tool for online communication. I can tell my students more comfortable than communication in person. Not just that I can greet the student by name but also can reach their emotion and response quickly. I set up the zoom for my office hours both before and after the class meeting.

I think using today’s technology is benefits for both instructor and students. Provides current information and wider access and support students can practice collaboration skins. Teachers can use technology to meet the individual needs.

I agree that technology has changed the way student participate in education.  Online learning would help those student who have busy life schedule and it provides good oppertunities for different levels learning. Also, to make it successful for learning, the student need to have self-management, self-advocacy, and technologicy fluency. I have some students in my class, they have hard time with technology skills that really effected their learning. 

I agree many students lack the critical thinking process. They don’t like to take time to think and listening to another opinion. An instructor should make a strong course filled with critical thinking opportunities by giving open ends questions to encourage students to involve problem-solving.

I have been learned there are several things to consider when incorporating active learning techniques for an online course.  Provide active learning will be implemented in the course, use inspirational notes throughout the term, set high standards and expectations for the students from the beginning; provide targeted feedback; and explain how to use knowledge not just memorize it. I think feedback is extremely important for a learner, it not just grade assignments but help student understand the clean point and encourage them to think and recognize learning subject better.

I agree with all the information this course providing. This is my second semester of teaching online. Technology is one of the big issues that I learned always to have plan B.

This is also my first time teaching online. I ran into many challenges for both students and instructors.  I think it is extremely important that online instructors should facilitate the learning process.  Online instructor must provide clear, meaningful guidelines learning activities to help student involve learning topic, problem solving, give students enough time to review and recap.

Online instructor should strive to make document that we know its always available. I think beside using Microsoft Word,Excel/PowerPoint Documents/PDF we can able to use web links, create check lists all this software tools allow user to add an ALT text tage or visual elements.

I learned that with doing extra research and double checking things online, it helps me know I have the correct information to help students. But with that, there also has to be accesability to all students as well. Giving all students the chance to take the class and for us to help them through it. 

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