Jose Perez

Jose Perez

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Understanding what accommodations are needed based on the disability is very important. the key is to ensure the accommodation provides access to the opportunity for success and not success itself. 


Students with disabilities are seemed different and can be left out of "normal"  activities and interactions by their peers. Understanding that the disability does not define the individual can help others have an open mind and provide opportunities for inclusion. 


As a parent of a child with disabilities, I can appreciate both laws. While my child has a mobility disability, navigating through all of it can be challenging. It is important not to judge and have perceptions of students with any disability. The main point I learned was that the laws provide access to equal opportunity. Providing accommodations to students to be full participants in an educational setting can be a rewarding experience. 



As a new instructo, sometimes I find it hard to keep organized espe when there are changes to the curriculum by administrators.


I learned that developing an environment the discourges cheating will deter students from cheat. I feel that having a good rapport with the students will ensure that trust and respect is developed.


I enjoy learning from students why they chose the profession as an icebreaker. In regards to late or missing assignments, I do take late assignments, but sometimes students can take advantage of my generosity.


I learned that instructors should incorporate multiple types of learning styles in their material presentation. This will ensure your teaching reaches every type of learning method. 


I learned that learning the student's name can help establish the relationship between the student and instructor. Being prepared for class early and have a plan of how to engage students with their learning is imperative to help with reducing anxieties and ensure students are at ease.


I learned that getting to class early and prepared is key to ensuring proper teaching. Having a notepad on hand will help me keep track of any issues or things to remember. 


I learned to know myself as an instructor and never think that I am the smartest in the class. Developing a Professional Development plan can help me become a better instructor.


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