About me

I join American Career College’s general education faculty with the support you in reaching your goal of working in the health care field. I entered UCLA as a freshman pre-pharmacy major, but soon found duality in my love for health care and the naturally sciences. I received my BS in Chemistry and Mathematics, and went on to take courses towards my PhD in Chemistry due to my fascination with organic chemistry and free radicals. I will always have a love for how chemicals interact with the human body to cure diseases and lessen symptoms. Prior to entering teaching, I worked in the Chemical and Physical Sciences Division of NASA. Parlaying my research skills into teaching and training has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I taught a number of different science courses to pre-nursing students at CSULA, Pasadena City College and El Camino College and still continue to teach math and science courses through UCLA. I became passionate about distance learning and worked as a consultant and curriculum developer for the Center for Distant and Online Learning for the Verification Process for Special Settings in the LA County Office of Education and Instructional Technologist at Loyola Marymount University. My work in higher education, led to my administrative appointment as Special Advisor to the President for WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) Accreditation at the University of Riverside. As your instructor, I hope to inspire each of you to follow the path in the health care field that supports your passion. I hold a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Science Education, a Master of Science in Administrative Services, a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, Technology and Early Childhood Development, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics. Living in Southern California, I love camping and traveling with my family and have a particular love and interest in health care, space exploration and travel.