Lori Haller

Lori Haller

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Motivating your students and being supportive of them helps with their success.  Know your subject and your students.

Try to keep students engaged by trying different methods of teaching.  Regrouping and trying different approaches can be helpful.

Creative diversions can keep the students intrigued and interested in learning the content you are presenting.  Simple little things can help start the class in a positive lighthearted way.

By thinking about my students needs I can help them be successful.  These needs go beyond their learning needs.  

Using a variety of methods to teach the given material will help the student learn without being bored.  Prepare for your class by figuring out how you will present the material.  Make notes on what went well and what didn't so the next time you teach the class you can adjust how you teach this class.

The first day should set the tone for the class.  Help make the student feel comfortable.  Using students' names shows them you are taking the time to learn more about them.

To be prepared and keep notes if necessary.

Stay humble, lead by example and be encouraging. 

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