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I prefer fill-in-the-blank questions over multiple choice. I've found they increase student knowledge retention instead of having a 25% chance at guessing the correct answer and walk away learning less. 

So important to recognize all students at every level when preparing instruction. 

Always looking for new and exiting activities to utilize in the classroom. Really enjoyed reading the other comments and the material in this section. 

In the past I have engaged students at the start of class but usually by asking questions. This unit taught me to use other ways to engage students. 

Considering starting out with a blog in one class and see how that goes. Hopefully carry it over to other courses. 

Like various active learning strategies, different forms of technology are tools which can help in the classroom. Not every one is right for every situation, and we can't expect to accomplish everything with one piece of technology. Use the tool, but be careful with the tool. 

Set appropriate expectations and monitor the pulse of the class. 

I have never considered the use of games and simulations within the classroom. I am going to now looking to the future. 

Accelerated learning is really fascinating. I didn't know it, but I've actually done some in the classroom before. It is something I would like t explore further. 

Words speak volumes. Especially to students! So be mindful of what you say and how you say it in the classroom. 

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