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Benjamin Barrett

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I knew that PTSD was a common occurrence in our society but I had no idea it was as prevalent as it is. It is good to know that we, as a society, are starting to take it more seriously.

Over prepare for the first few classes to ensure that you are confident in how you present material. If you are speaking to fast make sure that you take a breath and slow down. We are human and humans make mistakes, laugh at it and use that mistake as a learning experience for the students. Be prompt in handing graded papers back so everyone knows where they stand in the class. 

I can listen to each student and meet them where they are at, be it; angry, silent, loud, etc. 

HEY! I was one, if not a few, of these "problem students" and now I can see how the teachers dealt with me. I can now add these tactics to my own repertoire. Standing by, or walking near, the inattentive student will be useful; curtailing but not eliminating the desire to contribute of the center stage student; these will be effective during class times.

I will remember to give multiple reminders of due dates and put them in multiple places in the syllabus to remind students of the date. I will also set clear boundaries and consequences for late assignments. 

I learned to make sure that all students have about 10-15 minute attention spans and start to get distracted around the 7 minute mark. To be an effective instructor I should vary the teaching style to accommodate each type of learner. 

It's a good idea to learn each students name, nicknames, preferred name, and preferred pronouns. It is also beneficial to tell the students my information as well. Another way to help with the memorization of names is to use cards to have "name tents" and to arrange the seats alphabetically

Make a check list of all topics I want to cover in my classes. Keep a notepad/notebook handy for reference to what I told each student I would do for them. Get to class early so I can greet each student and have things prepared.

I learned that i need to be a leader by example, and not to presume that I am the smartest in the class. I may have more experience, but my students may have another outlook or method of doing the same task. Be open to suggestions from my fellow peers and follow the lead of seasoned teachers. I plan to be early to classes and have things prepared for the day, and to be excited about teaching my favorite class everyday.

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