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Cynthia Terrell

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I began my nursing career in the Mid-West and knew then that I wanted to become a nurse educator in the era of the coming 21st Century health care.  This is my personal contribution of sharing knowledge to the new generation of nurses on the horizon.  I started as an Adjunct Professor, Technical-PN Program,  and full time on ground Maternity/Child educator, since 2006.  Areas of expertise, L/D, Maternal Child, Women's Health, Nursery,  Med/Surg,  Emergency Level 1-2.  I have enjoyed by chosen profession with no or very little regret and challenge students to accomplish their goals and endeavors as a healthcare provider with success.


baking, sewing, taking on new challenges


Internship experiences help the intern to develop professional behaviors.

Excellent opportunity for the Intern to become knowledgeable about a company and assess what and why they may make a positive influence as a potential EE if hired.

Games help students relax and retain materials learned.

Visual and tactile learning helps students that need to touch and feel when learning.  See, touch, and feel help this type of learner. Organize thoughts.  

I would like to utilize an activity with blackout bingo.  I was wondering how much time it takes to prepare an activity.

Good course with a lot of positive ideas to get students to collaborate with each other and increase critical thinking skills.  I love the idea of using event cards.

Very good.  I would like to use this suggestion.  I see why there are great opportunities to learn from each other and understand the content.  Great Job!

Discussion Comment

Agree that concept mapping helps the student connect theory and content.  

Students love to have PowerPoints they view them as reliable and tools they can use for passing tests, rather than a resource for digging deep into the content.

Comment on Nancy Reeve's post

I also like this activity.  It's great to utilize multiple senses when assessing a patient. 

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