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I can certainly agree with the idea being afraid to fail m team or my students in my role. But I will also say my fear of failure is a strength because I care about not only my own success but theirs as individuals as well. I have never been one to volunteer to be team leader, but I also understand that sometimes you have to do what is necessary even if it pulls you out of your introvert comfort zone.

I learned that even online class will have the one student who wants to be the center of attention, it can be in a positive or negative way.

I feel that having synchronous discussion with students gives them more personal one on one commentary needed for understanding of certain content in a course. I have never heard of asynchronous discussion until just reading about it today. Most online classes I feel use asynchronous discussion, especially with larger classes. But most instructors require you to respond to other classmates post as well.

When starting an online course do a discussion ice breaker. Introduce yourself to the students, while at the same time inviting them to introduce themself to you and other students in the class.

I personally enjoyed taking online courses because some courses give more freedom to the student to learn at their own pace in a way. But also understanding the need to be tech savvy as well because some students really do struggle with online courses and being able to navigate course work. Also it is good for students to know what works best for them and their learning styles.

Being a surgical tech instructor, I always feel that with anything thing you should start with the basics. We as surgical techs have to cover a lot of materials such as sterile technique and its purpose, surgical procedures, and surgical instrumentation. which further goes into surgical specialties and the different surgical procedures in each specialty. I feel that teaching a basic minor set up is a good start for any case, but you build on to that set up as your progress into different procedures.

Meeting people where they are sometimes is key to being able to reach them in lecture. How you learned when you were in school might not work for the individuals sitting in front of you today. I have learned to try and humble myself and understand that we all have to start somewhere. This is just the beginning for them. Everyone learns differently.

Just like if you are hosting a party work them room before the start of the class. Get to know your audience a little bit and be present in the moment with your class. If you are unsure, you never want to embarrass yourself or the student, learn to pronounce names you are unsure of. 

Be clear in syllabus about objectives and materials that will be covered, be prepared to answer questions that may arise. Understand no question is a dumb question even it the answer is in the written materials.

I was always taught that first impressions are lasting impressions. I agree that being able to reach students is very important to developing trust within the classroom setting. Still remembering being a student myself, how can you believe what your instructor is telling you is correct if you do not trust them. There is also nothing wrong with being supportive of your students, as adults and people they go through things just the same as me on a daily basis.

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