Francisco Torres

Francisco Torres

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It's important to help the students develop their work skills

When implementing new methods, we should be simple and brief as the students learn more. 

Critical thinking is one of the best tools we can use when teaching. 

It's very important to be positive towards students end encourage positive thinking.

I plan on using the exercise at the beginning of an assignment asking students to close their eyes and focus on their breathing/strengths. 

The importance of reflecting at the end of the class the lecture and how everyone understood, felt, etc. 

The PERMA assessment helps the instructor encourage and support students by identifying strengths.

As a new instructor mistakes are going to happen - laughing at the mistake helps the class see the professor as a human. 

Disruptive students should not be tolerated as it affects other's learning.

When dealing with difficult students it is best to let them know you are aware. If they continue, call out their attention. If this continues talk to them after class. 

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