Clara Cavitt

Clara Cavitt

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I have learned different methods and ways to incorporate them into my teaching. Some of the methods I already use and was not aware of the benefits. 

I learned about the different teaching styles. How to better help my students and to be well prepared.

I learned it is important for everyone to introduce themselves. This helps everyone to get to know one another and alleviate any anxiousness.

I have learned to make sure I am prepared for the days lesson. To be on time and accountable. 

I learned to lead by example. Motivate students, use fellow instructors for a resource.

I have learned that many things can affect learners. I also learned the different types of learners

I learned the difference between asynchronous and synchronous meetings. I learned to keep the conversation going and how to engage students in conversations.

I learned the importance of being present and learning about my students and for them to know me in order to help them learn effectively.

I learned how there are many different techniques to on-line learning. I also learned that communication is key.

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