lizette ramos

lizette ramos

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I think it is important to document any interaction I have with a student in regard to policy, grades, and tardiness. This will help keep a paper trail of any disruptions. 

I believe that adding valuable information to the responses will help students see our enthusiasm to keep the conversation going!

The takeaway from this module is to make sure I am using different teaching styles to be more inclusive to my students. 

I learned that telling students about your credentials is important but I also learned that telling students a fun fact about yourself can make you seen more human. This is important because in an online environment, you need to make sure your presence is felt even if it is not an in-person class.

I believe knowing the system that the college is offering online courses on is important because we will know how to troubleshoot any problem. Students like to know that there is a human behind the screen that is willing to help them if help is needed. Therefore, being available to students is important.

This module focused on the different teaching styles that can help instructors be inclusive and show equity in the classroom. I also believe the importance of prepping before giving a lecture is fundamental to students. 

The biggest takeaway from this module was to answer any questions that students might have in regard to the class. It is important that students are not confused about the course. I also believe that students need to feel known so, learning their names is one way of making them feel seen!

We all were students at some point. So, using my past experiences and answering the questions I had as a student on the first day of class is important. I recall sitting on the first day of class wondering if I was going to go home and drop the class based on the information given the first day! Therefore, I will make sure to be prepared, and set my expectations but also make students feel at ease. I want students to use me as a resource and not be scared to ask for help. 

This module taught me that teachers need to be good role models for their students. Students need positive reinforcement, structure, and a professor who loves and is passionate about the subject they teach! 

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