Kily  White

Kily White

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Learned different methods of content delivery, that mixing up delivery styles is most effective in reaching all types of learners.  I found it helpful that the amount of content can be thought of as formulaic; noting the attention span of the average adult learner 10-18min, so keep each talking point within that time frame, and best to segment that into 5-7 bits of information for best retention. 

My takeaway is the importance of putting the students at ease- learn names, engage class, make myself seem relatable and capable, clearly define objectives and expectations

Being prepared, reviewing my course objectives, having a checklist 

I loved seeing the clips from the professor talking about teaching. My takeaway from him was to be passionate and engaged in the subject matter, which he not only stated, but clearly showed by example. 

I found it helpful to examine different types of disruptive or ineffective student communication and how to manage them in the online setting. It will be helpful for me to keep a copy of the school's policies and procedures for handling such issues close by for reference

this discussion had me brainstorming different ways to get to know my students and allow them to get to know me

I am taking away the importance of communication with students while using this online platforms. This means learning the different means of communication, being transparent with deadlines and expectations, and holding myself accountable to timely responses and deadlines. 

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