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Support during transition

Our campus has been going through a stage of transition. During a recent meeting we acknowledged that we need to reach out more to one another and lend support to fellow employees during this time. Several weeks have past since the meeting and it seems we have gone back to working on our individual tasks without the time or ability to reach out to others. Does anyone have any ideas or practices to create support for the "team" even during times of heavy work load?

Being a good manager

After reading the material involved in the course, I agree with the challenges that may occur for managers. Being hired in as a new manager when various individuals in house applied for the same position can be challenging; however, knowing yourself and preparing the be supportive of the team is crucial for success.

Managing Difficult Employees

How should I deal with employees who are overall enthusiastic, and motivated, but make reoccurring mistakes without making them feel as though they are being attacked? We have tried re-training several times but have not been able to get consistent, lasting results for simple procedural errors.

Leading and Motivating

The best motivation for any team is leading by example. Don't ever expect your team to do anything that you're not willing to do yourself. The team is dependant on the leaders expertise and their strength to lead the team.

Going from co-worker, to friends, then to Manager

I started at my work almost 4 years ago and have slowly moved up. I am now in a manager position and one of the things that concerns me is the level of seriousness that some employees might have with me. They all know what my position is but when it really comes down to a situation will they be able to take it as a work situation or will they take it personally? Is there any certain ways that one should handle things like this?

ways to motivate employees

what are some suggestions on how to motivate staff after lay-off's occur?

holding space

What are some examples of creating a holding space? Logistically where are they located? Is creating a loose agenda prior to a good idea to have some structure?

emotional intelligence

What does it mean and how do you use it to drive performance?

Leaderhsip principles

What leadership principles do you find most important in following the vision of your company?

employees sharing

Have you ever encountered a problem with the culture of an organization wanting to keep things the way they are? How did you respond?

management style

What is situational management and when is it effective?

Leadership in Life

It's funny how so many people do not believe that they have leadership abilities but are a leader everyday. There are so many leadership skills that I employ at work that I also use in my personal life. From being a parent to a teacher, you still use the same skill set. This is another way that we can build confidence in our staff and students in growing in their leadership capabilities. Showing them that the same type of leadership skills they apply outside the workplace, can also be utilized and honed inside the workplace.

Success in project management

The best laid plans can be destroyed by inept workers. A vital success tool is the hiring of people with integrity and accountability to carry out the plans.

Employees Motivation

How would you motivate an employee, when after speaking to that individual informs you how they like to be motivated, but does not respond to the type of motivation when applied?

Weekly Meetings

I am required to attend weekly meeting for my position currently. I sometimes find myself asking, is this really needed. Most of the information can be circulated via email and we are such a small department, that we talk with each other daily. I have learned from this course that it would be beneficial to send out information prior to the meeting so that we can come prepared to discuss issues. Currently, we bring up the point of discussion and then we are assigned to come next week with a solution or update. I feel our time can be used… >>>

Project Managment

Wow, I was really enlightened with the details of this module. It was very informative. Understanding the levels of the project can be overwhelming. Transforming an conception into a reality where it can be measured consists of the steps of planning, scheduling any other activities in order for the project to be a success. Makes sense now!!

Employees who are burned out

What or how do we motivate employees who are burned out and never apply for promotional opportunities?

Project managemet

Without question all four phases are contingent to one another, however, I would heavily target my focus on preparation/planning. As all phases are important; having a well-designed plan allows smoother transition to the next phase.

Moving up the ladder

As a new manger I have been approched by a team member looking for a promotion. I have talked to him about developing a plan to move in that direction he has only been with the company a year and we have had conversations about his preformnce and time managment. As of latley I have taken extra duties off his plate so he could balance his work load better. He is a team player with alot of potential but really needs to continue to grow and develop. What is the best way to express this with out demotivating him?


Very well put together and very helpfull in refressing the mind on howe we manage.