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Leading and Motivating Others | Origin: ML111

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Leading and Motivating Others

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Leadership can be learned eventhough there are certain natural attitudes that help.

Understanding your employees issues is the most important thing in managing people.

Your credibility as a leader is stablish by example and understanding of the situations at hand.

It is difficult finding ways to get everyone on board, but using new leadership skills, will help.

Developing and steps for formulating a clear vision and tips for establishing credibility.

Focused direction and a motivated team will take your vision the furthest. 


Leaders are not born. Leadership can be learned. A good leader needs to understand themselves before they can understand others. Leasdership is not a 'one size fits all'. A good leader learns to mange a group of people with different temperaments.


Leaders must have a good understanding to every individual they work with.  


I agree that being a good leader takes hard work, and dedication to the position.


I consider myself a servent leader, and have been leading teams since the early 80's.  I find leadership enjoyable, challenging, and difficult at times, but very rewarding.  I seem to always learn from my teams every day.  The biggest challenge for me is to manage the difficult employee, that does not want to contribute positively as a team player, has their way they want to do things regardles the company policies or co-workers.  To me, these employess are exhausting to work with, sometimes causes a drain on the team and for me rarely work out to be a positive, longevity employee.  So I feel the Motivating a problem employee provided me with some new ideas.  

Great training.


Situational leadership is key to having employees be motivated by you regardless of what style of leadership they would naturally tend to follow on their own.  Celebrating milestones helps others know how far along the path to new shared vision they have come, and just as importantly, to know how much further they have to go.  A successful vision must be easy for you to articulate as you share it with multiple audiences and those in the audience go on to successfully share it with others who need to help make it become a reality.

Great training provided a better understanding on adapting leadership skills to each individual's need.

Leadership can be very challenging, especially when working with so many different personalities. For me personally, it is very rewarding. 

Leadership can be a learn ability.  Leadership takes a clear mind. Leadership takes a lot of listening and planning accordingly. Leadership has a lot of professional and personal renewal at the end.

Even with many years of experience leading and managing teams and individuals, there is always room to improve. It is fulfilling to step back and apply new ideas to your existing management style and become a better leader to foster success. 

Learning Leadership never stops. There are always new ways of leading teams and each team is different so you need to be adatptive as a leader moing forward. 


A wealth of knowledge in everythign that has to do with leadership. Something that I have learned and that I will be implmenting is listening more and being more emphathetic when addressing people. 


Develp a good team, work environment, create an effective mission statement that all can relate to. 

being aware of the issues that staff must be addressed in such away that includes the employees.


I like how the traning noted that courage and integrity best predict leadership success. I will also take away many tips about how to unify my team and find a common purpose. Talk less and listen more was also a very powerful statement that reminds me of the difference between being an effective leader, and being an effective manager. 

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