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Motivating a team member

Good morning,

i am looking for some input with a situation that doesnt quite fit the mold but which i am sure some of you have dealt. This employee is very intelligent and if you ask her the information, she can rattle it off without error. However, her actual work does not reflect either of the afore mentioned traits. Its full of simple errors. The errors made are on the foundational pieces of our job skills. I have spoken with her about it multiple times. She will improve for a time and then return to less than satisfactory performance. We have altered the office, implemented suggested strategies and even changed the lights in her office to a more natural feel. I know that she knows how to do the work, but its not translating in her job performance. 

Any suggestions or shared experience is welcome.

I have found self assessment prior to delivery a helpful tool to run either as a checklist form or other review process. Each time the self assessment is done it is retained and used to help decipher the problem. Sounds perhaps like a simple concentration issue for a good employee.

Good luck.

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