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New Manager Transitions | Origin: ML110

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New Manager Transitions 

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Management is about more than just managing people and things, it is about leading, understanding, and collaborating in such a way to improve the workplace. 

I really appreciated the tools and tips and the end of the course. These are great ways to keep a checklist of what you are doing right/wrong and ways to improve. It's serves as a simple way to evaluate your performance and where you can improve. 


Managing is leadership, help your team to reach a common goal. Keep them motivated. Treat them respectfully.

Leaders should create an environment where people are respected and trusted, and the sign of a good leader is one who can adapt their leadership style to the personality of each individual.

It is so important to pay attention to your co-workers, their actions and their feelings. You are responsible for them after all!

I continue to improve on my leadership skills.


The tools I've received from this course will help me continue good leadership. 



Listening and paying close attention to your team's needs is crutial in obtaining company goals.    

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