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Leading an Effective Team | Origin: ML112

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Leading an Effective Team

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I really enjoyed the section about making sure every member of the team understands the overall goal of the team. An "elevator pitch" if you will. I will be implementing that immediately on my team. 

Each team member must know how he or she fits into the overall picture.


It was a great reminder that the key is to set up the right team for success:

- team charter

- project plan

- launch meeting

- select decision making authority

- nurturing the team

To be honest, I did not know that the different types of the team need to be created for specific purposes.

Self-directed work team: Meets on an ongoing, daily basis to perform a whole work process.

Project team: Gathers to address a specific problem or opportunity and then disbands.

Virtual team: Brings geographically separate individuals together around specific tasks.

Quality circle: Works on specific quality, productivity, and service problems


I learned what it takes to make a good team and why different people peoles approach is a good thing.  Everyone has valuable nformatin to bring to the team it doesn't fall on one person.  I can't wait to try some of the different techniques to make our team strong when working on projects.

Seek ways to expand your team's set of feasible alternatives from which to make decisions.

I learned using different techniques for different team members can help the team thrive.  Everyone in the team can offer information so it does not fall onto one person.  It's really a team effort.

This learning module could not have come at a better time for me. I have a fairly large team to manage and where some of my usual tactics have worked, the team needs something fresh. The idea of a team charter, guiding principles, "fearless organization" and a couple more concepts from this module have inspired me to try these things and create a team culture rooted in development, knowledge, and student success. 


Reply to Stefano Bartoli's post: I agree! 

The biggest thing that I learned was to involve everyone's ideas and thoughts. It's a collective effort and the entire team's goal needs to be clear to the entire team. 

It is important to involve and include all team members and show all members that their opinions are valued.

Learned more about communication style as a leader. Learned about how to form a team which I haven't done.

Good morning, this session is an eye opener for me.  I am noticing how the workforce is changing and new tactics are needed to meet these needs.  Through this class, I was able to test my curent skills and get more insight on how I can improvie.



It may seem tricky but learning to adjust in different situations is key to understaning your team and accomplishing company goals. 

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