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Effective Delegation | Origin: ML127

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Effective Delegation

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I was reminded of the importance of giving the employees tasks they can feel good about completing.

I am guilty of just doing the task instead of delegating. This course is a great reminder of how to delegate and when to delegate.

Reply to Janine Fleming's post:

Janine, I agree whole heartedly. this course was a gret reminder.

I learned how important delegating is in order for my team to grow, stay interested, and free me up to focus on the mosre important parts of my job.


I learned a lot about delegation in this module. I have learned that delegation is an opportunity to help employees grow and that I am empowering an individual when I delegate a task. I have also learned how to help my leadership team in delegating tasks to their teams. It all comes down to managing the expectation in order to avoid micromanagement. 

In order to delegate, you have to be willing to accept responsibility for the final product. With this said, Choosing the right person(s) for the task and the correct task is integral to the final outcome. One also has to be willing to coash without micromanaging.


This course was great in identifying gifts within my team and utilizing those gifts for delegating tasks

this course was very informative to all leaders in the fied of education

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