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Effective Hiring | Origin: ML126

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Effective Hiring

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned that there is alot that occurs before a candidate can be interviewed or even hired. I have learned the processes inlvolved and many organizations might run thisng differently but the basic principles are the same.

I will apply this knowlege in hiring adjunct facuty for my organization

As a hiring manager, its very important to review these basic principles. Asking effective questions is a very simple, yet important way to know your candidate(s). I will continue to apply such practices. 

I have learned valuable ways to word interview questions so that they draw the candidate out and encorage them to express what they have to offered the organization.

There is a lot to learn in the lesson most of them include to make sure what effective praticies a individual can do when hiring someone. You want to straight foward and ask as much information as you want. There is more off a structured and unstracuted type of interview and that is exactly what is going on. 


Interviewing and hiring someone includes many diffirent facets. 


There's a lot to learn. By applying the interview process in a more analytical and accurate way, I will be more effective in hiring personell that will be suitable for the betterment of the team and the corporation as a whole . 

The art of asking questions to elicit purposeful information. I will need to practice the art of asking purposeful questions.

I learned that the structure of really should be intentionally aligned to the answer you seek.  Interviewing is both an art and a science! 

A really comprehensive guide to structure your recruiting strategy. Many excellent suggestions.


I'm fairly new to this hiring position and I find that these points that I'm learning are not items I would have thought of. Good information for someone that is new. 


this course is a valuable guide when hiring. the most i learnt will help me in the work are: 

1. ask and how to ask work related with the positon questions: avoid the answer Yes and No questions; try to lead the interview and have the candidate to talk as much as possible to get more information/data about the candinate. 

2. use structured and unstructured interviews for different postions;

3. after send the formal offer letter, still can continue to receiving more information from the new hired person to make sure the candinate and company's goal match. 


I have learned that I sould taylor my questions to the person I am interviewing to make sure I get the best results.  This has given me great questions I can ask when interviewing. 


I have learned various techniques for interviewing and assessing. 


Very imformative

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