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Team Management | Origin: ML113

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Team Management

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Team Management topic is always important to review, because as new members join the team, dynamics of that team can sway drastically. Reigning in negativity and promoting solution-based environment will remain an ever-present challenge as long as there is turnover in the workplace.

I am very excited to learn more about groupthink and forming team identities. I am eager to use some of the surveying tools to see where our group members think we are in functioning and seeing if they are falling into groupthink. Our team is made up of primarily new to leadership members and it can be daunting to create a sense of identity when everyone is trying to still figure out their individual roles. 

Team Management includes focusing on clarity, accuracy and thoroughness in communication. I will recognize individuals and demonstrate transparency. Enouragement of all ideas and opinions will be important.


From this course I have learned that any successful team has to have a leader that leads and knows how to handle conflict when it arises. I am taking away from this course setting task and goals for my team so they will be more successful.

Great course. I learned that a successful team requires a succesful leader.

Heard about 'groupthink' for the first time. A leader must prevent if before it even happens.


Learned some new terms and provided with some good assessment tools that I plan to use with my team soon.

I will definatly impliment these stratagies in futer team projects.


Great information!

I got a lot of great information i could use

You have to create your own persona as a leader and then adapt to each situation as it arises. The persona you have has to remain consitent and really reflex the attributes you need to be successful for the leadership tasks at hand. In a long career you need to develop many personas!


It's very important to let your Team know that you value them. You can accomplish this by active listening and respecting them.

Team management is powerful when each member is like minded and the element of trust is evident and real.

Having your team's best interest at heart is key...they deserve that and my job is to provide that for them.

This approach will be effective to the Team and the prosperity of the company.


I got a lot of useful information out of this course.  You as a leader need to adapt to situations. Not every one will work out the way you want so having a team that you can rely on will help you achieve the goals.

Collaboration, networking, and active listening are key to successful teams.


Leaders should not be afraid to make decisions and guide the group. The leader must be careful to allow each member to express their thoughts without interruption.

Leaders need to engender trust and have good communication with their team.The focus should be on establishing common goals, with a clear direction and acknowlegmengt of the teams success or falilures along the way.


Team management, collaboration

I've learned different approaches in handleing team meetings on group collaborations. 

As a new member joining a team, this module offered a unique perspective. I have new insight on how to be a productive team member, what role I may have on a team, and even some positive qualities to look for when joining a team. 


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