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Managing Upward | Origin: ML123

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Managing Upward

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Shared objectives and mutually beneficial goals are important as a foundation. I suppose opening the lines of communication is the thing I need to work on. I tend to keep discussion to a minimum and let the results be the discussion. Without this communication, I am likely missing a connection to more opportunity. So I need to work to strengthen that, based upon my manager's preferred style. 

I enjoyed the Managing Upward course and learned a lot from the content. The most vital concept for me was learning how to be direct with my supervisor and communicating my needs. I will apply this by tracking what my needs are and finding the best way to communicate with my supervisor. Based on my supervisor's preference I will do this either in writing or verbally. I do think it is important to prioritize my needs to respect my supervisor's time. And, try to present them in a group with solutions rather than one at a time. However, I also need to know when a need is a priority and approach my supervisor with just the one need. 

This training is useful and will be used to manage upward with my two bosses.  It also helped me understand my position as a leader and where I excel and need to work on my leadership skills.  I learned how to stop and assess when my managers are overwhelmed and how I can help along with the power and tools to say no when I am overwhelmed and learning how to express that I need help.


I learned that one should provide a possible solution to a situation rather than just make it known that there is an issue.


I learned a lot about managing upward with my boss.  The most important thing that I learned was how to work with a difficult boss.  I also better understand the importance of a good working relationship with my boss and the factors that affect it.  We need to be better with communication that goes both ways not just from the top down.

This was an eye opening training. I learned that managing upward can positively affect your working relationship with your boss. It is better to understand how they like to be communicated with and receive information. By taking a step back and realizing they are human as well and fill many roles than you can empathize with them and realize that what they are doing is not a slight or intentionally done to negate what you are doing. It is best to have an open conversation and define expectations. Bring solutions when there is a problem. 

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