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track record of nurturing faculty, engineers, and director level teams to great success.


I like the idea of increasing visual graphic, structured, and even the think-pair-share technique.


I learned that the reasonable accommodations policies from our University are similar across many Universities.


I did not know of the 2013 change to the naming convention, and will give this more attention going forwards.


Definitely more to think about with students in my classes. Understanding the different parts of Autism can help me connect with students along the spectrum.


I found a version 2.0 of the Tyton Partners "Learning to Adapt" research report. It's a free PDF download, and can be found by searching for the aforementioned, as well as the sub-title "The Evolution of Adaptive Learning in Higher Education."

My Managing the Class & Students action plans include personal contact with the students on their individual situations, This includes middle-of-term advising, develpment of personalized learning plans, and escalation of student absenteeism / late assignment consequences - before it becomes too late for the student.

I like the class. I especially liked the availability of the worksheets to download and use after the class is over. I think this management course can be extended into the management of the classroom experience, so I will examine the possible use of the applicable parts of the worksheets towards that purpose.

Having a group assignment is DEFINITELY more work for the teacher than managing students who are participating individually only.

Pick group work very intentionally. EX: Will they need to work in teams on this sort of thing after this course is over? Are there teamwork related learning objectives in the course? Will diversity benefit the final outcome? Are there conflict/team management learning objectives in the course? Are there very few pieces of specialized equipment to go around? Etc...

Once you do assign a group effort, you suddently become not only the teacher of the class, but also the team manager for… >>>

Late submissions are definitely a problem Mayuresh. I think you need to be clear that your job is to teach and also assess the learning objectives. If a student does not provide you with a method to assess their mastery of the learning objectives, then late-excuse or not, they cannot get a good grade.

I know you already know this, but I will re-state this at the risk of sounding dumb - When it comes to accepting late submissions, I would go with the strict letter of the rules in the catalog or other student manual for your school. Never… >>>

Very interesting discussion! Great question Mark!

I was attending a meeting of engineering faculty, not at my own University, but rather at my alma mater on invitation from the Dean. More than one of them complained about the bivariate distribution of the students (engineering-speak for two types of students forming a double-hump bell curve of grades). In particular, the complaint was that the lower grades group waltzes into class and says "stop everything and catch me up." 

I sense this may be an underlying influencer in some of the comments, and although I realize it's only a part of the… >>>

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