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I agree, the worksheets for developing high level estimates will assit to inform you project plan.

The WBS designing tool will assit me to organize the project in conceptulizing my tought process.

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This method will assit to motivate confused and frustrated teams

Leading by exampe and putting the plan in to perspective based on the best evidence based practice is the key to success.


What Software system would be effective to control the effectiveness of the project process?


Setting up performance metrics for interm milestones that the team can achieve as you care out the project is a valid concept

I agree with the importance of the course to give basic stracture and navagating the worksheets that can be utilized.

How would you avoid as a project team or leader the Scopecreep if there is no definitive outset?

I believe on the SMART goals, inspite of the time consumption to identify the project objectives that clearly support your project through out the process as an individual planner. The most valuable tools besides identifying the business proposed project and identify stakeholders need; the SMART(Specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time limited) goal sets and speaks out in a well defined way for the project objectives.

At certain level you may need to be able to meet the objectives of the skills to the specific group but it is on going 


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