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Retaining Employees | Origin: ML128

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Retaining Employees 

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What I have learned in this training ML 128 Retaining Employees is that retention is the responsibility of the managers. Mangers needs to understand and know how to motivate and developed their employees and understand their work force. Mangers should set weekly, monthly meeting with Top performance so they know what's happening with their top performer. Managers needs to know how to motivated their employee, and what changes are needs to retain top employees.

Mangers needs to know groups are different and not all group are motivated the same. While money- pay increase is great and employee will stay, knowing the underlying issues is the best way to retain employers. Keep top performers happy, is to know they are interested in the work/task.


Kaydia Kentish-Hall

The importance of valuing and respecting employees.  It isn't enough to assume you do! 

The importance of noticing the signs of burn-out employees, conducting stay interviews, and improving the relationships within your team to value the contributions each employee brings.

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