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Effective Leadership

Good leaders are those who understand that they cannot get a job done or run a business effectively without the support of their employees.

Don Stamile

As a post-high school instructor, I understand that I cannot be totally successful in my classroom unless I have my students on my side; I must communicate my concern for their learning welfare and future success.

I agree but at the same time hold the students and managers to a certain bar. Everyone must be playing at the same level of excellence.

Leading a team is learning the personalities of your team members. Some will need more of your time than others. All your team members will do better if you define your expectations of them when you first start working with them.Set goals and reward those who achive or surpass them.

I agree learning the personalities of your team members is always a plus. We all function differently. A good leader understands and recognizes what motivates his/her team mmbers. Setting goals and defining your expectations as a leader takes the guess work out for your team.

I agree. Good leaders need to allow his/her employers to partcipate. Too often leaders feel thei rneed to do everything in order for it to be done right. Proper training for both the leader and the employee should allow both to get the job done right.

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