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Finding the balance

I believe that it is very important for a given leader in a given situation to "barometrically" get an accurate overall reading of the basic personality styles & types of diverse work-patterns and communication devices of their employees (or students, etc.). After successfully doing this, then, find the right balance in their own leadership style to best keep the group motivated, and productively working and doing so out of respect for the given leader involved. This skill requires a real talent for reading people and understanding them.

Excellent reflection upon the subject matter, well done!

I agree. This is very tricky to accomplish but if done correctly can make all the difference in the world!!

I just got finished reading Blink, about how we can, as humans, take in a lot of information and how our first impressions are surprisingly accurate. As you point out, a good leader has the self-confidence to trust their assessments of people and make decisions based on those judgements. We often don't have a lot of time to gather information in human interactions in schools and businesses; We need to make judgements quickly that are beneficial and productive AND team-building.

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