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different personalities

Knowing the people you work with is the utmost importance. Knowing their strong points and weak points.

I think this is true. Some employees require more than others; maybe some need more optimism or some need more feedback. Knowing the personalities helps supervisors better know how to effectively help their employees.

Yes people are what makes work happen and great talent will not perform as expected unless managed correctly for there personality types..... Look no further than pro sports...for exaples of this

This is true, but you need to know the difference of being a friend and what is knowing their strengths.

I have to agree. Knowing those you work with allows you to determine their strong and weak points thus allowing you to team them up with a person who has stronger qualities.

Very true!

It is important for any level manager and/supervisor to know the different personalities they are working with. It will be in the best interest of the company, for the manager to take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the employees andcombine all the info to form a strong employee team.

Very important. I have 3 employees that have 3 completely different personalities. It's quite a challenge for me, but it's helpful to know how to approach each one and know what managing styles to use for each

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