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Recognizing Different Management Styles

Depending on the number of people you supervize, I have found the better you know them the easier it is to use a management style that works best to get the job done.

Don Stamile
Chief Instructor

Hi Don,

I agree with you. I think it is good practice to understand first before you seek to be understood.Before you delgate a task they must have the skills for completion of the task. The most common area is failure to follow-up with employees.

I agree. The most obvious example of different styles of management for different employees is the experienced employee vs the new employee. New employees look (and appreciate) the guidance while those with experience, as we know, appreciate a bit of autonomy in their work.

Hi Don,

Excellent choice of words. Once I "Know" the employee, I am able to assess their workability and where to use them that best fits the company and them.

I agree the better you know your employees the easier it is to manage them. Just as we have our preferred management style, employees have their preferred learning styles.

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