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It's important for organizations to embrace change when it means growth for the company. Organizations that are afraid of change or feel comfortable with policies and procedures set in place for years run the risk of losing business to their competition who is oftentimes on top of the latest trends in the market.

Hi Monica
So totally true. Change has to be part of the school culture. Programs need to be reviewed continually to ensure they train for a changing workplace. Instructional design has to reflect the changes in current technology. New ways to coach students have to be constantly put in place. Nothing stays the same. Best wishes, Susan

It may be difficult to keep in mind but the reality of most work is business (competition). I have to admit, as a nurse, and an educator, "business" is not typically my top priority; however, I have learned to (at the very least) consider the competition when making decisions. If you want to keep your job--you need to "stay in business"!

Yes Dawn, running a school is like running a business. First you need qualified customers (students) who will benefit from the training. Customer or student service is key to the student's success. This includes assisting the students to get job in the career they trained for. If you keep your focus on student success and satisfaction, you have an edge on competition.
Thanks, Susan

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