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Responsibilities of a leader

A true leader is one that accepts all input no matter what that may be, he must sort the information and deligate what direction or directions to go. If you use the input given and the the possibilities of what direction to go, the team will feel like what they say matters in the decision making and this builds team confidance, in themselfs as a group and in you as their leader.

Interesting thought, Mark. We put it another way - all ideas are good. Some good for now. Some for later. Collaboration also seems to be very important. A good leader gets the team to work as a team owning the problem and solutions. Thanks, Susan

My team tells me you need v-rods in your program ... So how do we get your team to feel the same way?

no really I get what you mean but at times someone needs to pick the best ideas and direct the teams focus in one direction.

Now I got some extra v-rods

Getting your team to function as a team takes a while. It's not a one step process. It takes time and trust and success. Start with small steps. Announce a problem. Ask everyone to come to the table with ideas. Announce the rules of brainstorming - every idea is good and you'll all agree to the one to start with. Get everyone to build on ideas and then agree to which one to focus on. Good luck, Susan

I appreciate this healthy discussion and wholeheartedly agree that developing a team is definitely a process that requires time and trust.

Dr. S~ With your permission, I will store your phrase for future reference and use. "All ideas are good. Some good for now and some for later." Love it. Thank you.

~ Rita

Hi Rita
Sure - spread my "wisdom" along. It's amazing the results of true team effort. Problems get identified, solutions become apparent, and everyone feels good about their job and school. And students benefit from happy employees. Thanks, Susan

Leadership must take all imputs and sort threw them to align all partys towards our goals. The team will align and have a better understanding on our goals and the change we are driving towards.

You are right. The effective leader knows how to get the ideas from everyone and sort through which ones should be worked on now and which to be saved for another time. When a team knows that all ideas have value they will be more likely to share and work effectively together. Thanks, Susan

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