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leadership and change

Change is good, changing things all the time is not good.Leadership in the change is good if all participants have the same vision.

Hi Choppy, Interesting perspective on change. You're right. Change has to be part of a well researched plan and has to be "bought" by all involved. Change has to relate to need. For example, if you change curriculum, it has to be because there is a demand in the workplace for new skills. Change needs to be an organized and persistent activity. But change just to change isn't usually effective. Best wishes, Susan

Hi Choppy-

I agree with your statement. Change is good but if things are changing too often, it can cause confusion as well as the vision for the company.

Good point, Monica. Change has to come about because there is an agreed to need for change. The new strategy or technique implemented needs to be developed and then agreed by everything. Change is certainly a science and an art. Best wishes, Susan


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