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As an instructor, I have noticed that when I am teaching a student they come up with a question that I hadn't thought of, this forces me to seek out the answer, which in turn leads me to learn something as well as the student.

Be explicit in your communication to people you are trying to get your point across.

I try to include humor in my presentations, it does seem to break the ice. Moving around the room, eye contact, engaging the students and asking different students questions seems to make my presentations go smoothly. Most of the time.

I use a lot of questions in my class mostly to keep them involved. I have a night class and by asking a lot of questions they stay "TUNED IN" they never know when i might call on them.
I have students that very in age group from 18 to 60. I have to be careful not to loose my temper or my patience, some of the more mature students can test your patience more than the younger students. I believe i have a good rapport with all of my students. The key for me is patience ,that keeps me from losing my temper.
Most of my students work during the day and come to school at night, they are tired and worn out. I try to keep them motivated by keeping the class a fun place to learn, i ask alot of questions keeping them alert. I also have alot of hands on training to keep them busy and awake.
I like to review the days topic to see how much they have retained. I do this by involving the students in questions and answer sessions, this seems to work quite wll as far as retention goes.
I found that the only way to get your timing down is by doing the presentation over and over again, fine tuning it so to speak.
I have had some students who just don't get it. I sit down with them and explain it in different ways and you can see by the look on their face when they get it. The Light comes on"
When i am giving my presentation i ask my students questions about the subject, what they think about the subject, and what are the correct answers to the subject. Keep them involved.

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