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How do you deal with change and have your employees buy into the new system.

Hi Lindsey
Good question. In any organization there is constant change - the change you design and the change that just happens. So how to get employees to buy into any new systems? Ideally you have regular staff meetings where there is an environment of openness. Where employees already feel some ownership and responsibility. If not, there's some work to be done. Assuming everyone feels they are on a team, and you do have frequent meetings, then that's the place for issues and solutions to be discussed. If everyone has a part in the solutions, there is a good liklihood that there will be employee buy in.
Best wishes, Susan

Nice post, Susan!

Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Susan

I do think that a key to dealing with change is communication. Leaders will need the trust of their employees to "buy into" the system as you put. Trust is the major step in leadership and individuals follow their as the leader will lead them through the new system.

Great points - trust and change go hand in hand. Thanks, Susan

I agree Susan the employees will be more likely to accept the change if they have a part in developing the means to reach the vision. Without the team buy-in you do not have much of a chance to move forward and the team will most likely be part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Well said. We always look at what works and what is holding things up when seeking and implementing solutions. Usually there are fears and insecurities. When we can identify and address them, often people can work more freely, creatively, and cooperatively. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz

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