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How would someone deal with a team in which they have promoted to management from the same team and now the team is not very happy with your acheivement therefore no one wants to listen?

Hi Andrea! This happens often in the workplace - a team member is promoted into a supervisory position and his/her team members are now direct reports.

First, be aware that it does, in fact, change things; the promoted member will have a different relationship with the other team members - there will be more of a professional distance, even in the closest of groups. The new supervisor has certain responsibilities that the other team members may resent, but those duties must be fulfilled and, like it or not, team members must accept it.

Second, nothing substitutes for open communication. I would suggest that the promoted team member approach other team members individually and discuss the parameters of the new situation; let them know that suggestions and feedback are valued and that it can be a working partnership, but that the new position carries responsibilities that may require decisions affecting everyone.

As a personal example, I was promoted from a staff member to a manager at my organization early on in my professional life. Ironically, my first direct report was actually my boss when I was in an earlier position. At the time of the promotion, I was very young and "green." I had a meeting with her and explained that I could benefit from her experience, feedback and suggestions, and wanted to have a good working partnership; however, bottom line, with the position came certain responsibilities in which my decisions would be final. I can't say that it was totally smooth sailing from that point, but the professional relationship and parameters were clarified, and that's the most important thing. Then, hopefully over time, respect is earned.

Thanks for your question,

Jay Hollowell
ML101 Facilitator

I was recently promoted into my new managerial role. Many of people that I considered my peers are now my direct reports. I personally learned to accept that we will now have a different relationship and that I would need to seek out other relationships within the company to replace the old one. Adding on, I had a one on one meetings with each of them to discuss our new relationship and our expectations for one another. I had to make them understand to not hold any resentment and be up front and honest in open communication with one another. If they cannot approach me with their issues now, then I would be unable to perform my duty as manager in making sure that I provide them with the appropriate resources to perform efficiently and effectively.


Great work to "seek out other relationships" with new peers and to discuss the changing relationship/expectations with your direct reports. Encouraging honest communication regarding issues now and moving forward will also ease your transition.

I would bring them back to the reason that they felt that person was promoted in the beginning and the strategies and ideas that were introduced to suceed. Then I would point out to them the time line of the promotion. Have they given the person ample time to achieve their objectives.

I also have been recently promoted, and am finding it really difficult. The team doesnt exactly accept this change. Its not that the team doesnt "listen" its just that they dont, for lack of better terminology, "respect" the change. They are finding it really difficult to look at me as a member of management and not as a team member. Therefore they are not talking at all.

Hi Andrea,

Give it time! It is the transitional period. You are getting to know your team in a new vision. And vice versa. Be consistent and they will learn to respect and trust you. The road will be a little rocky in the beginning but trust yourself too. I personally found this course to be very benficial and will use the the "Tips for creating an inspiring work environment.

Good Luck!


I strongly believe that communication is the key and reminding the team to focus on the common goal of the team.

yes, the communication lines have to be kept very open with information flowing both ways.

Dr. Ryan Meers

I've recently been promoted in the new position as a Manager and although is a new school and I don't have many people in my team I think actually the most important when faced with a management position is the respect and confidence given to the employees.I really liked the base of the triangle between the three types of relationships,because when I was working as an individual person,my ex-boss sometimes was focused on individuals separately and we often feel that our work was not observed.Now that I am in the same position I just want show how important is working as a team and meet our goals in the company as "a team".

it is definitely important to emphasize that we are all part of that team & at the same time recognizing the individual performance that goes into that team.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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