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Active learning involves preparing course content with the correct amount of lecture, discussion, thinking, demonstrations, assigned projects and analysis.
Unfortunately, stress is a part of natural life. Some good, some bad. Finding ways to cope with negative stress will help one to lead a more productive life.
I know from my own experience that when I am stressed out my productivity level decreases. When this happens I look for positive, constructive ways to reduce my stress level to become more productive.
Discovering useful shortcut methods used in grading helps get the task accomplished sooner and is less stressful.
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In my opinion, managing your time in all aspects of life gives you a healthy mental and physical balance.
Students should have technological resources available to them to help research materials needed to complete their course successfully.
Students should be made aware of the reasoning for the objectives of their course outline.
Learning objectives should be both explained and written so students know what is expected of them.
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From my experience, having a well thought out lesson plan incorporating time management for each day of instruction informs the students of what is expected of them and helps course content flow more smoothly from subject to subject.
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I incorporate a role playing exercise, where two students each play a part that interact with each other. I also use a PowerPoint presentation combined with demos and hands-on exercises. I have also found, which corroborates with this module, that I have students that get bored easily no matter how well you present the subject matter during lecture or a PowerPoint presentation, but, if you give those same students a physical task and the tools to perform the task, they comprehend the subject matter and perform the task well.

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