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Cultural Diversity

It's a real challenge to me when I face students with learning disabilities especially in reading (dyslexia). I make them write the sentence or paragraph that I want them to learn for a few times then they get some ideas out topic. Can any of you advice me with another teaching method?

Hi Daniel,
There are six major types of learning disabilities, and the dyslexia and disgrahpica are the two most challenging for both students and teachers. Depending on the type of dyslexia(meaning letter reversal or sentences running together) you can develop materials to support these learners. One thing I use a lot is to draw a box around the material in a paragraph that is important to the course. Another is the use of guided notes where the student has to fill in key points after I have shared them. Structured outlines help students with LD to stay focused on what they need to know. I also ask for verbal feedback on what we have covered to see if they have stored the material in their short term memory.
I recently wrote an article for the Career Education Review that covers the steps of "decoding course content". I will be glad to send that article to you if you think it will be of help. Just let me know if you would like a copy.
If you have any other questions please let me know.

Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes, I would like a copy of it. Can you please tell me how much is it?
Daniel Ardon

Hi Daniel,
No cost for the article. It is my pleasure to share it with you.
Let me know if it was of help to you.

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