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Approachability is a must but happens when...

I strongly beleive that teachers are sometimes looked at as confidants to a student. I dont know how many times i have been approached by a student with concerns...whether they are classroom-related or personal. I tend to draw a line with the personal stuff like "sorry i was not really into the class today, i had a bad argument with my girlfriend earlier and i don't know what to do about her."

What are your ways to spin that so you dont sound like you dont care but to not get involved with their personal issues?

Hi Eddie,
I try and refocus the student onto the topic and class at hand. I share with that person that I understand their situation and that I don't want to let their personal situation derail their career training. I then ask them "How can we get you back on track, in class and doing your work?". I have found the students will give me their version of their career training and we can go forward.

HI, Yes teachers can be considered confidants. Teachers who are sought out in this manner have established a rapport with the individual student. this situation usually allows me to promote the promote the postitive skills that the student has already accomplished and a gentle reminder of his/her stated goal.

Hi Vicky,
Congratulations for developing this type of rapport with your students. You are not only providing them with instruction you are helping them to develop their coping skills for like as well.

I know students look up to Teachers.Even if they dont know us yet. They believe we are what we say we are.

Hi Luther,
In what ways to see students looking up to instructors and how can help gain their respect?

I understand your concerns here, and know you don't want to isolate the student from you by seeming to be unfeeling toward their plight. As Dr. Meers said though, you have to refocus the student back to the task at hand or else they will try and draw you into their world. If this happens, they may start seeing you more as the "friend" than the instructor.

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