WLMS for Course Revisions | Origin: EL112

The importance of keeping course content fresh and up to date and that summative course evaluations may provide detailed information which may need to be analyzed and assessed for appropriate revisions and take longer, typically 1-2 weeks.

I leaned/liked the idea ofa dynamci syllyabus with links to helpful resources. 


I didn't realize you could update a syllabus. It makes sense and can improve student retention of the subject. 

Course revisions should happen frequently and in a way that is only improving the course information. 


Professional development can be obtained via workshops, conferences, and other experienced online instructors.


Formative and summative evaluations of a course lead to constructive revisions of a course.


Courses should constantly be changing in evolving to meet the needs of our students.


Professional development and embracing the ongoing need for change will promote success in the online program.