Mary Nourse

Mary Nourse

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This "Gaming" approach is certainly unique and intriguing.  My adult ESL students aren't likely to play video games.  However, I plan to incorporate Badges into my instruction.  These Badges will be Perfect Attendance Certificates.


Would undocumented students be comfortable with a home visit from their instructor?  


What is a "conferring" assessment?


These tips seem intended for high school ELL students.  I wonder if these strategies would work with adult ELL students.


My ESL class has only native Spanish speakers.  I'm open to input regarding a bilingual approach, compared to an English immersion approach.


This module has helped me see the importance of offering different options for projects/class activities.


Hmm...How does an online instructor of 50+ students accommodate all their personality traits?


The True Colors approach is similar to other "color" approaches on which I've been trained.  


During my 41 years in Education, I've seen a number of personality traits assessments.  "True Colors" seems similar to "Colors," which was used in correcctions.

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