Sandra Byrnes

Sandra Byrnes

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I am always prepared for class this is part of my teaching style. I do tell my students that I'm not perfect and I don't know everything. However, I will try my best to get them the information they may need or want. I always have a seating chart so I can call on the student's names and manage them.


Being consistant and fair are extremely important when dealing with students. Listening to them to when they are upset.

 I like the idea of writing a minute paper at the end of class summarizing the days content.I feel it will engage those students who have not paid attention to the days lesson.


Always lead by example. Show them the due dates on the platform and also on the board. Also, show them the late assignment policy.


Understanding your students personality traits is very important in the online learning.  Also instructors should know thier own personality traits.Flexability is key as well.


I learned making the classroom like a community is helpful for all learners.


True colors helps us understand our students personalities to help them more in class.


During my 35 years in Dental office, I've seen a number of personality traits assessments to help my patients and co workers.  "True Colors" seems similar to many of the personality traits test I've done in the past. I have used many of these to help my students as well.


Professional development and embracing the ongoing need for change will promote success in the online program.


Students need more support in the online course. Feedback should be timely. Making your feedback personal can go a long way toward keeping your students engaged.




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