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Have you developed or discovered a presentation, paper, report, or any other document that you’ve found useful in your work? Share the file with your peers as they may find it helpful as well. Describe the uploaded file and solicit comments to enhance engagement and learning.

The Writing Process Infographic

This writing process visual helps students understand the nature of process.

Flipped classrooms in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings and future research recommendations.

In this informative and insightful scholarly meta-analysis, Divjak, B., Rienties, B., Iniesto, F. et al., shared their research findings pointing enthusiastially at the Flipped Classroom (FC) strategy for active learning.  I have personally implemented this modality in online course delivery and have found it engaging and very powerly guiding the learners to streamline, research, organize, collaborate, and interactively share their problem-solving skills, in both, small groups or individually.  A great read!


Divjak, B., Rienties, B., F. et al. (2022). Flipped classrooms in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings and future research recommendations. International Journal of Education Technology in>>>

College Library

One of the best resources for a student within the course (other than the instructor) is the library.  Students can gather critical information about discussion topics as well as how to communicate in a discussion forum with APA (as necessary).

Calendar Information Listed Below


The calendar for this term is listed below. 

Slack Can Be A Good Way to Foster Interaction Among Students and the Instructor

I struggle with not have F2F time with students, and I want to avoid email overload as a substitute. Zoom video conferences as "office hours" works, but I like to have the flexibility to be available as needed rather than setting up a specific time. I have found that creating a Slack channel for my courses is a great solution. It allows me to interact with students in real time in a way that emails do not, and it fosters interaction among students as well through the "general" channel. If you haven't used Slack for this purpose, or maybe do… >>>

Real-time interaction

Hello everyone,

The resource I would like to share is Mentimeter, a structured platform that helps fostering engagement, connection and the ability to connect with the presenter. I use it in 3 different stages of the class:

1. At the begining of the class as a way of diagnoses, so the students can tell if, after the session, they have made changes in their preconceptions (word clouds or speech bubble).

2. After a key activity, to identifiy the key succes factors of the group performance.

3. At the end, to validate if the session objectives were achieved.

Power Point

Rise of globalization

How to interact with your peers

Students will share life experiences

Building a Successful Online CTE Program

I stumbled upon this when I was logging into this course. 

What does a Medical Assistant do?

This file contains a brief synopsis of what skills and education you will receive as a Medical Assistant.

Posting a File

This activity is to demonstrate my ability to post a new file.

My first post

I'll be a faculty in the Math Dept. of College of Lake County this coming summer.

I'm attaching a syllabus of the course I'm going to teach.

constructive learning

This paper describes the ways in which social constructivist learning was fostered in an online teacher education program. In fall, 2010 we launched an online Masters of Education (M.Ed) and in spring, 2011 and began an online version of the on-campus Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) at a small liberal arts university. The development and implementation of these online programs presented new pedagogical challenges and questions. We focused the inquiry on how to adapt a community-focused, constructivist, oncampus pedagogy to an online format.Grounded in and driven by social constructivism, we identified several essential online tools and instructional methods… >>>


We use EVOLVE for the clinical medical assistant class  

Discussion Rubrics


Provides examples of instructor's rubrics for grading online discussions

Pacing Guides

For our online courses, especially in the summer, we have found taht having pacing guides for the students helps keep them organized and on track. These pacing guides list every assignment for the Module with a complete by date along with the Module due date. Easy resource for both the student and parent to follow. 

Engaging students in online learning

Great pointers.  

Using music to help online learners

Obviously, this is not a scientifically proven method, but I think that using music can be helpful in online learning. The fact is that there are a lot of young professionals that do not have the time to take traditional classroom courses; therefore, you can choose appropriate music to gain the attention of those easily distracted students. 


Here are some abbreviations used in Healthcare. 

Course Module Template

I like the idea of the course module template especially inclusion of graphics