Melisa Holdbrooks

Melisa Holdbrooks

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It is important to keep students engaged during online classes. Make sure everything has a timely manner to be turned in. 

Consistency is very important. I like to communicate as much as possible with my team in order to deliver the context with a nice flow for the students.

Communicating with your online students is very important and trying to motivate them while they learn. 

We should help encourage students and make them understand they are ultimately responsible for how much they learn.

I saw things I can use to reduce stress in my life. 

I learned how to use my time more wisely. I can see where I need to prioritize things more eff efficiently. 

Holistic assessments are great for online classes. You can see how much the student has actually learned and not memorized. 


I have gotten some great ideas from each section. I enjoying the sections over heightened interaction and project-based learning. 

I am excited about using these strategies in my class. I also feel better about teaching the different learning types. 

The breakdown of dynamic instruction is awesome.  The use of technology can encourage students want to learn and they love technology anyway.

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