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Hi! I am Dr. Nancy Tosh. In the 1990s, I decided to reenter college and have master’s degrees in religious studies and sociology from the University of South Florida, a doctorate in religious studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and 18 credit hours of graduate work in psychology from Argosy University. I became a college instructor while still in graduate school. Since I have taught many different courses in religious studies and the social sciences, I have broadened my research interests in order to stay up-to-date in all my classes. I have been a college instructor since 1995 and an online instructor since 2003. I have taught at West Coast University since 2019. I teach courses in the humanities, philosophy, and the social sciences.

My non-academic life is composed of motherhood, friends and family. In 1999, I gave birth to my daughter Dana. As an older mother (I was 39 when she was born) my parenting experience differs a bit from that of most mothers. Dana and I live in southern California with a 12-year-old Aussie/Border Collie mix named Kodi who has proven (in good sheepdog fashion) that one can herd cats, and three cats whose names are Sneakers (our grumpy old man at 14), and Max (who really struts his stuff) and Lucy (who is Max's naughty "little sister"). In addition to academic work I take photographs and write and spend time walking the dog and going out and about with my daughter (who is 22 and in college).

WLMS for Course Revisions | Origin: EL112 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

Course repositories are extremely useful. One think to keep in mind; however, is that links must be checked regularly to make certain they still work and material should be kept current. The longer...

WLMS for Communicating and Collaborating | Origin: EL112 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

I found the idea of being a guide on the side intriguing. I did that in group projects when I taught courses who had them -- seldom stepping into post. I do respond to all students in a discussion,...

WLMS for Teaching Online | Origin: EL112 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

The tips for work/life balance were excellent. This is an area where I have long had issues. I am working on only working during specific hours and hope that will help. Nancy Tosh

WLMS to Develop the Learning Environment | Origin: EL112 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

I had not thought about how much management and organization were essential in teaching. I also liked the focus on how diverse online teacher schedules may be and how many individual factors go into...

Making Your Course Accessible | Origin: EL111 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

Universal design helps prevent the need to overhaul courses. I also think a course designed with universal design in mind will be better for all students. Nancy Tosh

Assistive Technology (AT) Tools | Origin: EL111 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

I learned that LMS courses are not always designed with accommodations in mind and that these courses may be hard (if not impossible) for some students with disabilities to navigate and...

Legal Obligation | Origin: EL111 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

I learned that providing accommodations extends outside of the classroom. I know now that if I have a student with a disability who needs to use the library, that they can expect the library to have...

Online Learners with Disabilities | Origin: EL111 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

As someone with a seizure disorder and migraines, I'm so happy to see you had the flashy transition example here. I have too often been made ill at worse or made confused and befuddled at best by...

Blogging | Origin: EL110 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

I like the idea of authoring a blog as an addition to working in the classroom. I have known collegues who have blogs, vlogs, or webpages where they share their research. 

Microblogging | Origin: EL110 | New comment by Nancy Tosh

I thought the information about TweetDeck was interesting -- in terms of research for class material moreso than for use in the classroom. I do not think microblogging will be a part of any of the...