WLMS for Course Revisions | Origin: EL112

Plan, assess, and dynamic are all needed to upgrade a course and keep it fun for all involved.

That an important WLMS is the development of a course repository which consists of a course history and a library of learning objects, aka reusable items.


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Develop a plan for course revisions that works for them and collect the appropriate data to ensure they are making 

the right revisions. Its an ongoing process that must be thought out. The learning outcome is the overall objective of online learning.

I particularly appreciated the section on professional development.  I am becoming increasingly interested in doing online teaching and the area that I most want more training in is the technology tools.  This is the area where I need to be much more comfortable.


I feel the idea of an object library where you can store older materials and courses for future reuse if needed is a good thing. 

PD is important. Also making adjustments when needed


Make a regular schedule for formative assessment by studentds regrding your course material, and implement changes within 1-2 weeks.  Keep  history of all changes, and save all learning objects in a library in case you need to add them to another course.


Professional development is important even for online teachers


If it's a valuable resourse keep it,reuse it and modify it as you go along .


Professional development is not beneficial unless it applies to your needs. Courses may need to be revised throughout the course.  This is known through formative evaluations from the students throughout the course, every 3 - 5 weeks, and then a formative evaluation at the end of the course by students, perhaps the original designer, your peers.


Analysis,Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. =ADDIE=development cycle


Planning and updating are key to the creating of a successful coarse.


Since technology changes and unforeseen circumstances occur, I like the suggestion of rewarding the first student who notifies of a bad link, or other problem that may interfere with students accessing content, etc.


Be open to suggestions from your students.  Evaluate. Adjustments and revision aligned with the learning objectives. Love the Start-stop-continue feedback method. 



Learned that, "Keeping the course history current and reusing items is an important workload management strategy as the reusable items save time" I planned to use it


Course revisions are an ongoing process and should be added to planning and organizational expectations.

It is important to continuously revise and revisit your course materials and procedures. Updating frequently is key to avoid forgetting or being overwhelmed with the amount of revisions required. 

With a course repository and reusing specific components, it provides an opportunity for the online instructor to chunk the course into modules and later pick and choose which modules or parts of a module may be appropriate to use in a variety of other courses. This archive assists in the content development process and migration from one semester to another.

I like the Stop, Start, Continue plan.  Teachers need to be flexible with the online course.  Feedback is so important.  Professional development is important also.  Teachers should always be looking for ways to improve and be lifelong learners.