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Kenneth Marek

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It seems that the issue of accomidation does not go hand in hand with guarantee of success and is often confused with just that.   Sometimes it could be looked at as an unfair advantage and nothing could be farther from the truth.  So simple explanations may help further understanding.

The fact that students present with disabilities is not new or shocking, what I found a little shoking was the statistics and frequency of many of thr more common diagnosis.  

Accommodations must be insured for any and all students who meet the criteria.  Institutions can be held liable if all ADA and 504 offerings and protections are not made readily available.

Communication and validation of student emails is important for success.  Many small issues porblems or concerns can be handled effectively with clear and supportive communication.

The role of technology is an importnt pieece of the educational experience.  The students of today are savy and skilled with the use of technology that many instructors did not have when they were in school.  So it may seem the the student has the upper hand when it comes to the use of technology in education.

To think the first on line class was in 1960 is incredible.  To see how far we have come and how far we can continue to grow for on line instruction is uniquely challenging and exciting.   

Effective and supportive communication is crucial to student retention.  Kind of like a safety net to catch anyone who may fall off track and need additional support, communication lets them know the instructor cares not only about the course but also about them individualy.  

The concept of welcoming students from many differnt people in your organization and how important that is to make students feel not only welcome but wanted and valuable.  

Intersting topic and great to think about when preparing to instruct or lead a class.  To meet the learning needs and learning styles of all students although sounding impossible, is very possible with the right knowledge base and understanding of these concepts.

The various descriptions of the personality traits and preferences coupled with the color schemes are important reminders that can assist instructors when presenting information in attempts to reach all students.  Not an easy prospect.

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