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I’ve learn that Disruptive's can hi jack your class online.

To avoid that happening block them being apart of the discussion. Until they are ready to learn.


I will focus on engagement by incorporating interactive activities and discussions into my training sessions. I will use various online platforms and tools to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages active participation from my students. For example, I might use breakout rooms for group discussions, online polls for instant feedback, and multimedia presentations to enhance the learning experience.

To ensure effective learning, I will also include quizzes throughout my training sessions. These quizzes will not only assess the students' understanding of the material but also serve as a way to reinforce key concepts. I will design the quizzes to… >>>

Trough proper planning and preparation, the instructor’s role can be seamless!

I think the content that I heard was very significant, Like the Learning Styles!

That is important because you have several types of learnings, what stood out for me was the Asynchronous & Synchronous discussion sessions, will help students to learn with a group and one on ones is very important to connect the dots.

What I learn in this Module is E- Learning is set up for a Higher Sense of comfort & security to help the students feel more confident and safe to learn.

There are 4 popular & effective ways of Protecting your presence in an E- Learning environment.

1. Initiate, Lead, Monitor,Manage, and set up discussion sessions.

2. Oversee team projects

3. Participate in asynchronous 

4. Answer student inquiries & provide informative & constructive feed back in a timely manor. Possibly in 24 hours 

I think I want to try to incorporate even more interaction outside of discussions and polls.

This module included many good recommendations and considerations to keep in mind when communicating in person, on the telephone or via e-mail.

Format and timing should be consistent.

It appears as though in an online setting, a synchronous method would be the most advantageous way to go, although it may not always be the most convenient, it even possible at all. 

Not only are there a great number of tools that are within an instructors reach, there are an infinite number of uses and possibilities for each of these tools themselves. The only limitation for each one would the imagination of the one using it. 

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