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I learned how to engage online learners and encourage participation

I ran across a discrepancy in the text, vs. the quiz.  In  EL102 Quiz 2, Question #5 says send welcome note to student within 1 week- but text says to do it the 1st day

Course history can be helpful in planning and updating future courses.

There are many factors to teaching online and ensuring the students have the proper tools and opportunities to be successful. Being mindful not all students can learn online and from one specific teaching method. Needing to open in being flexible to help students achieve their goals throughout the program.

A key component of collaboration is providing timely feedback to students.

Time management is crucial in balancing your workload.

To be an effective workload manager you have to be efficient with your time and focused on your goals.

This will be helpful in better organizing phone conversations as they come in and fielding the various questions from potential students.

It is important to maintain a safe and focused learning environment and to handle different types of students with care to minimize distractions from learning. 

Both synchronous and asynchronous teaching can be beneficial for allowing students to be expressive 

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