Become Involve

Its essential to engage with other students and share skills or knowledge gained in the... >>>

Read the Syllabus!

How do I get the students to read the... >>>

sharing information

how do we share techniques to help each other... >>>

Developing a Wiki

I have a question on how to develop a Wiki.  I understand what it is but not sure how to get started.... >>>

Course Syllabus

Is there any situation where the syllabus may be too long for good classroom... >>>

Student Types

I really enjoyed this section. The descriptions of the student personality types were spot-on! Anyone who has taught online for at least a few classes has likely experienced each one of these types of... >>>

Asynchronous Learning and Small Classes

This section was interesting, although I have found that smaller classes work better than bigger ones, contrary to what was stated here. Smaller classes work more like homeschooling (one-on-one... >>>

Wonderful Advice!

This section was excellent! I loved the advice about telling students about both your academic degrees and your hobbies. By mixing your credentials with your interests, you allow students to get to... >>>

Great Overview!

I thought this was an excellent overview of online learning, although I think this course is best suited for new teachers rather than those who are already used to teaching... >>>

Indignant Defense of my Incorrect Answer to the question of Stakeholders

Sorry for the clickbait headline. In the quiz there was a question with the correct answer that Advisors are not course stakeholders. However, in CTE, our advisory council is an active part of our... >>>

group active learning

How , in a group activity, do you keep some students in a group from slacking in their defined role and duties in the group? In teaching f2f, group projects are at times challenging as some students... >>>


Students must buy and be committed in for online to be effective.... >>>

How would you effectively make suggestions when students are constantly working behind schedule?

Reminding the students as a classthat there are points lost for every assignment that is submitted late and how this would impact your final grade if work is constantly being turned in... >>>

No questions

No questions needed.  Text was well... >>>


The level of accountability is just the same as it would be if we were in a classroom. As a teacher I need to feel comfortable with the CMS we utilize in addition to creating norms around how students... >>>


Ive never used a rubic.What is... >>>

Conflict resolution

Have anyone encounter conflict/s arising while in e-learning environment? Conflicts that has escalated to the pont where senior administrators of the institution/legal representatives has to... >>>

question: academic integrity

What are some ways to effective methods topromote academic integrity in an on line... >>>