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In EL102 Quiz 2, Question #5 says send note to student within 1 week- but text says 1st day

I ran across a discrepancy in the text, vs. the quiz.  In  EL102 Quiz 2, Question #5 says send welcome note to student within 1 week- but text says to do it the 1st day

Seeking Effective Strategies to Foster Active Participation and Genuine Feedback in Peer-Assessment

Hello Everyone!

I've gained a significant amount of knowledge from this course and now appreciate the advantages of Peer-Assessment for students. However, I'm curious to learn your most effective strategies for inspiring students to actively participate and offer sincere feedback on their peers' work.

I look forward to your valuable suggestions :)

Best regards,

Enourage Peer- Assessment Participation

Hi There!

I personally have learned a lot throughout his course, and have clear understanding of the benefits that Peer- Assessment can bring to students, but I would like to know your best methods to encourage students active participation so they actively provide honest feedback to other classmate about their work.

Thank you for your tips :)


Cognitive overload

Do you think chunking of information prevents cognitive overload?

Relevance of multiple perspectives

Which is the most relevant tool to gather feedback about the effectiveness of the course?

How Many is Many?

How do we determine the number of assessments to be given and how long the assessment should take to be finished?

Discussion boards

What can instructors do to make discussion boards more enticing to the student ?

Noisy students

How do you deal with a student who is being disruptive to the class?

E learning

When contributing to online learning, what are some tools you use to ensure students are participating?

Active Learning

What group activities work in your online class?

Active Learning

What can instructors so to help students understand the time commitment of an online class?

Active Learning

What should an instructor do if students are struggling to take responsibility for their learning and prefer the instructor lecture method where they are taught what to think?

What is your current learning style?

Have your learning style changed over the years? 

Share Your Icebreakers

What types of icebreakers do you use to engage the students, promote interaction, spur interest, and provide a sense of community?

Favorite Active Learning Activity

What is your favorite active learning activity to use in a writing intensive course? 

La inteligencia Emocional en el Aula Virtual

Considero que una de las habilidades que deben estar presentes en los docentes es la gestión emocional. 

Learn by teaching

I have found that having students teach some of the didactic, they learn better, how about you? 

Absent Students

What methods do people use to engage online students? I am active in their discussion, send individual and group messages, and hold live Zoom sessions but still there are a large number of students who simply don't engage. 

Course Content

This program is a great refresher.

Teaching Online learners

I learned many valuable tools, especially advantages of asynchronous learning, as I had a myopic view that synchronous learning is always the best, not taking into account that students may be located in different geographical areas with different time zones.