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New Online Instructor

I'm a Medical Billing Coder online instructor, what would be a nice icebreaker to engage my student. Do any of my teammates have a suggestion?

Active Learning

Active learning processes provide  opportunities for the learner and the instructor/teacher to learn new information, stay current with information, and think less subjectively. AL empowers students because they are engaged. However, at times I have heard students say in a negative way that they didn't pay tuition to teach themselves. Therefore, it is imperative to explain to students how and why AL activities are a benefit to the student and not an abdication of the teacher's responsibility to instruct.  It is important to have course structure that details the expectations of the projects, discussions, due dates etc.  

What I learned regarding being consistent.

I found that it is important to be consistent in how my format is laid out.

This will allow the student learner to find the information easier. The student will develop a sense of what the instructor expects of them. I will also provide confidence in the students learning. The student's anxiety will be decreased related to fear of the unknown, they understand what needs to be done and where to find the information.

Clear understanding of what's being conveyed.

I find it happening more often than not.

Is the information clear to the student or was the message misunderstood?

Learning that sometimes what you have intended for the learner to know may not always be what they get.

It is my responsibility as the instructor to make sure that I have given the information I want the learner to know and understand.

Choosing the proper tools for online learning is essential.

In this study session EL104, it was important to understand that your choice of proper learning tools is important with online learning. Feedback from the students is necessary to facilitate what works for each learner. 

What I learned

Online learning creates an opportunity for the student to master the topic and learn to problem-solve within its context only if the instructor can design active learning strategies and learn to be a coach instead of the "sage on the stage."

What I learn in online syllabus

It is important to create a syllabus that is dynamic and interactive for the students.

It is necessary for the student to take ownership of the course independently feel a part of the community before they will want to provide interactive feedback.

It is important for the student to provide feedback to help the instructor create the best course they can meet the needs of the students and their learning.



Creating a module for effective learning

The takeaway from EL103 was that it is important to be consistent with the layout presented to the students in each module.

The use of color-coding text will help to que students that the information is important and/or will be a test question. When using video, photo and or any other tool to teach make sure that the students understand how to navigate the though the module. It is also important to create modules that can reach each learning style. Be sure that the students are not getting frustrated with the module because they are not coordinated with the information… >>>

Students who just don't want to be active online

How can I present the importance of class participation without causing a conflict or offensive.

In EL102 Quiz 2, Question #5 says send note to student within 1 week- but text says 1st day

I ran across a discrepancy in the text, vs. the quiz.  In  EL102 Quiz 2, Question #5 says send welcome note to student within 1 week- but text says to do it the 1st day

Seeking Effective Strategies to Foster Active Participation and Genuine Feedback in Peer-Assessment

Hello Everyone!

I've gained a significant amount of knowledge from this course and now appreciate the advantages of Peer-Assessment for students. However, I'm curious to learn your most effective strategies for inspiring students to actively participate and offer sincere feedback on their peers' work.

I look forward to your valuable suggestions :)

Best regards,

Enourage Peer- Assessment Participation

Hi There!

I personally have learned a lot throughout his course, and have clear understanding of the benefits that Peer- Assessment can bring to students, but I would like to know your best methods to encourage students active participation so they actively provide honest feedback to other classmate about their work.

Thank you for your tips :)


Cognitive overload

Do you think chunking of information prevents cognitive overload?

Relevance of multiple perspectives

Which is the most relevant tool to gather feedback about the effectiveness of the course?

How Many is Many?

How do we determine the number of assessments to be given and how long the assessment should take to be finished?

Discussion boards

What can instructors do to make discussion boards more enticing to the student ?

Noisy students

How do you deal with a student who is being disruptive to the class?

E learning

When contributing to online learning, what are some tools you use to ensure students are participating?

Active Learning

What group activities work in your online class?

Active Learning

What can instructors so to help students understand the time commitment of an online class?